Love the "head-bob"
support it gives. I think the collar is great!

-Denise H.
Flight Attendant

I rarely sleep on planes
and when I do I always
have a stiff neck.
I slept nearly the entire
flight home and my
neck wasn't sore when
we landed.

-Tom D.
Honolulu, HI

Better than any
travel pillow

-Thomas N.
Syracuse, NY

Good product! 4 Stars.

-Daisy & Comet
Denver, CO








Designs in Progress

P.O. Box 15993
Newport Beach, CA 92659
A Travel Pillow for the 21st Century
Full Support • Ultra Lightweight • Sleek Design

• Keeps head & neck in proper alignment
• Good posture = greater comfort
• Lightweight & compact - less than 3 ounces!
enlarge burgundy collar
Unlike Any Other Travel Pillow
on the Market
Unlike other travel pillows, you are supported in the front and the sides - keeping your head and neck in proper alignment - comfort by design.

The Embrace Sleep Collar™ is unique. The inside
layer has memory foam for extra comfort and
the outside layer has high-resiliency foam
for extra support.

$24.99 - Free Shipping
Good Posture =
Increased Comfort

The Embrace Sleep Collar™ slips on and gently supports you on the sides and the front.
Even though you are
sitting up, your head
is gently supported in
the same position as if
you were lying in your
own bed. Your head
and neck are in proper
alignment allowing you
to relax and preventing


• Poor design forces
poor posture

• Padding on back
pushes head forward

• No support under chin
The Embrace Sleep Collar

• Full support keeps proper alignment of head & neck

• Helps prevents
soreness & injury

• Greater comfort
and relaxation
The Embrace Sleep Collar is another fine product by Designs in Progress. Most orders shipped on the next business day. Returns/exchanges honored 30 days from order. Orders to Europe/Australia shipped 1st Class Air Mail and should arrive in 7-10 days. Privacy Statement: All personal information provided to Designs in Progress is strictly confidential and will never be shared. International and domestic patents pending.
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