Love the "head-bob"
support it gives. I think the collar is great!

-Denise H.
Flight Attendant

I rarely sleep on planes
and when I do I always
have a stiff neck.
I slept nearly the entire
flight home and my
neck wasn't sore when
we landed.

-Tom D.
Honolulu, HI

Better than any
travel pillow

-Thomas N.
Syracuse, NY

Good product! 4 Stars.

-Daisy & Comet
Denver, CO








Designs in Progress

P.O. Box 15442
Newport Beach, CA 92659
A Travel Pillow for the 21st Century
Full Support • Ultra Lightweight • Sleek Design

• Keeps head & neck in proper alignment
• Good posture = greater comfort
• Lightweight & compact - less than 3 ounces!
enlarge burgundy collar
Unlike Any Other Travel Pillow
on the Market
Unlike other travel pillows, you are supported in the front and the sides - keeping your head and neck in proper alignment - comfort by design.

The Embrace Sleep Collar™ is unique. The inside
layer has memory foam for extra comfort and
the outside layer has high-resiliency foam
for extra support.

$24.99 - Free Shipping
Good Posture =
Increased Comfort

The Embrace Sleep Collar™ gently supports your head and neck. Proper alignment prevents soreness and helps you to relax.

• Poor design forces
poor posture

• Padding on back
pushes head forward

• No support under chin
The Embrace Sleep Collar

• Full support keeps proper alignment of head & neck

• Helps prevent
soreness & injury

• Greater comfort
and relaxation
The Embrace Sleep Collar is another fine product by Designs in Progress. Most orders shipped on the next business day. Returns/exchanges honored 30 days from order. Orders to Europe/Australia shipped 1st Class Air Mail and should arrive in 7-10 days. Privacy Statement: All personal information provided to Designs in Progress is strictly confidential and will never be shared. International and domestic patents pending.
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